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Product Description

The IUMI online hull tutorial is tailored specifically for intermediate level hull underwriters who wish to deepen their knowledge and expertise in hull insurance. The course is also suitable for all maritime professionals with an interest in marine insurance such as maritime lawyers and surveyors. Students can start the self-paced learning programme at any point in time. The online tutorial consists of 13 modules, all set up in an engaging and interactive fashion. Throughout the course American, English, German, and Nordic Plan policy wordings are compared and contrasted: 

1. Ships 101

2. Particular average including sue and labour

3. Collision liability

4. General Average and Salvage

5. Exclusions

6. War and strikes

7. Operational considerations

8. Claims

9. Additional insurances

10. Additional clauses

11. Loss of hire

12. Mortgagees’ interest insurance

13. Builders’ risk


The estimated time to work through all 13 modules is 70-80 hours. More detailed information about the content of the various modules is available in this brochure.


To get a better understanding of how the online tutorial works in practice you can check out this free trial of module 1: "Ships 101" 



Level of experience the tutorial is aimed for

The way the online course has been set up, it is suitable for young underwriters who are new in the industry and who have no knowledge at all. Ideally, they use the student activities in particular to gain greater knowledge of their own business.

Individuals who will gain most from the hull tutorial are those who have approx. 3-5 years experience and have had some exposure to the book of business that their insurer is writing. For them the opportunity to ask questions and think about what they are actually seeing and doing within their own organisation will be greater and they will derive a different benefit overall through application and reinforcement of knowledge as well as merely gaining knowledge afresh.

The tutorial can also be viewed as a relevant source of information even for senior underwriters who wish a brief refresh on a single topic of the 13 modules.  


Exam & bursary for WMU postgrad diploma


Students can choose to take an examination at the end of the 13 modules. Given the rigour of the qualification, candidates are advised to thoroughly work through all tutorial modules prior to the exam and to study about 90 hours to be sufficiently prepared. An additional fee of EUR 90.00 will be charged to students who wish to sit the exam. Candidates who choose to take the exam and who pass it will be awarded a certificate from IUMI which includes their score. The pass mark for the exam is 65%. Students achieving 90% or higher are awarded a certificate with distinction. The exam is an online examination which will be remotely invigilated by an exam supervisor and a webcam is required to sit the exam. The exam can be taken quarterly: June, September, December. Candidates who successfully pass the exam are invited to apply for an IUMI bursary worth US$ 8,750 for the Marine Insurance Law & Practice Postgraduate Diploma offered by the World Maritime University.


Reduced fee for IUMI members

IUMI members will be granted the lower fee of EUR 650.00 when they register on the IUMI Shop and choose their respective membership category. IUMI members are:

- Employees of insurance companies who are a member of one of IUMI's national insurance associations

- Employees of IUMI Professional Partners (IPPs)

- Employees of IUMI Affiliates

When you register in the IUMI Shop for the first time, you will need to create a personal account linked to your individual email address. Please note that the login details provided by your member association for the IUMI website cannot be used for the IUMI Shop.  


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